DisplayConfigGtk 0.3 coming - On track again

September 27, 2007 - 2 minute read -
Free/Libre and Open Source Software Ubuntu DisplayConfigGtk

Finally after starting at my new job I have found some time to work on displayconfig-gtk again. So expect a new release soon. If you would like to give it a try before, you can download the package for Gutsy from my website.


It will include the following changes:

  • Fix the X/system restart request dialog
  • Bind to the correct gettext domain - fixes LP: #140678
  • Move the fail safe mode user interface to a separate script (xfailsafedialog)
  • Fix crash if vendor is None - fixes LP: #123513
  • Close the application on window manager close event - fixes LP: #133607
  • Do not show the “need adminstrative rights” dialog if the xorg.conf is missing - fixes LP: #135138
  • Do not fail silently on unreadable inf files - fixes LP: #139029
  • Make sure to write a changed location information
  • Do not detect the monitor automatically when the chooser is opened, instead provide a detect button
  • Only allow to detect the monitor of the first screen (limitation of xresprobe) - fixes LP: #144528
  • Allow to specify the aspect ratio of a monitor in the chooser - fixes LP: #135309, fixes LP: #141138, fixes LP# #144116<
  • Restore the aspect ratio of locations
  • Display horizontal and vertical refresh rate correctly in the monitor chooser - fixes LP: #139723
  • Fix a typo - fixes LP: #140562
  • Hide the orientation setting (not stable enough)
  • Add correct icons for 4:3 and 16:9 screens
  • Desktop background in the icons follows the Tangerine icon theme
  • Select the current driver in the driver chooser - fixes LP: #135158


Main Window Replacement for the xfailsafe mode dialog

I am always interested in getting any kind of feedback. Please feel free to write me an email, to fill a bug in Launchpad or to leave a comment here.