Announce todo.txt open action

January 7, 2014 - 1 minute read -
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The script adds a new action to, the todo.txt command line client, which allows to open documents referenced in a todo item. If more than one document is available a small menu will be shown. This allows you to easily acces documents that are required to accomplish the task.

Todo.txt uses a simple text file to store your items. Each single line represents a task. To install the script you have to copy it to your TODO_ACTIONS_DIR which defaults to $HOME/.todo/actions.d.

Just type: open ITEM_NUMBER

The following attachement types are supported:

  • mail:* opens the mail in mutt (requires muttjump and a mail indexer e.g. notmuch. To convert mails from mutt into a task see mutt2todotxt

  • url:*|www.*|http://*|https://* opens the URL in a web browser e.g., or

  • note:* edit the note (requires the notesedit action). See

  • file:*|~/*|/* open the path with the installed default handler (requires xdg-open or open), e.g. file:/home/user/README.txt, /home/user/README.txt or ~/README.txt

The action is part of my todo.txt repository:

git clone git://